Then you go home with camera memory cards filled…

This year was the first time I didn’t take time off from my job to celebrate myself at the time of year when we should all do so. (Celebrate YOURselves on your own Birthdays I mean.) So I’ve just had the two days of my weekend (Sunday/Monday). It’s ok, I like my job. I’m not miserable anymore.

Yesterday I attempted a Walkabout as one of my Birthday outings. Turned out it was just brunch, then kind-of boredom. I mean, I know a couple of us had a good time, I did. For the others I think it was just nice. Hot, a little boring, but the margaritas were good. Regardless, I had a pleasurable day and I am grateful to my friends; I hope they had a good time and do not regret the hours they gave to me! The afternoon did not turn out as silly or adventurous as I’d hoped, but they gave me a gift… their time and attention. That alone makes me smile and feel happy.

So far it seems walkabouts are best successful when there are not more than two MAYbe three very close friends (or, if you’re just totally alone), who are into finding silliness and interest in humorous (oftentimes artistic) photo opportunities from things slight or grande as you walk about. Then you go home with camera memory cards filled with some beautiful, some wholly unattractive, and probably many hilarious photographs. It’s like when people plant grass on a hillside so rain doesn’t erode away the land. Time doesn’t fade the memory of the day you made lovely by the connection of friends, the things you did, the fun. (As a bonus you probably also end up with at least one social network profile photo, which EVERYONE enjoys having (whether we admit it openly or not).

El Gato Negro, getting the best margarita's.

El Gato Negro, getting the best margarita’s.

I have had a lovely Birthday, ALL the days of it. It’s marking isn’t quite over yet, I’ve a couple more people to share a meal or drink with, hug and thank for being my friend.

But today is the last day of my weekend so I thought to sit, sip my morning coffee, and try to write a little blog post. It used to make me so happy to write things out of my head. Like a message placed in a bottle and put out to sea. I don’t know if these things will ever be read, I’m perfectly happy thinking/hoping that they aren’t. I place them adrift online, it somehow makes them more alive than the ones handwritten into my real pen & paper journals.

Sometimes, when I go back and read a few blog posts from years ago I am amused, sometimes sad, always pleased at having them. Like photographs capture memories in image, journaling captures time-capsules of thought.

It’s who you are. The story of you, of course it is worth saving.


An-tici-pation… or, things I’ve remembered since moving to Gentilly.

I’m not used to cars running red lights just after they’ve turned red. Twelve years living in the Lower Garden District I suppose is why. Slower pace in small neighborhoods? Small intersections? Closer to home; less of a hurry? I do not know.
I am remembering now that I don’t live and work in a small, close area and “runners” are prevalent. I’d gotten used seeing GREEN and twisting my scooter’s throttle and VROOM(!) zipping off before the car next to me can even get going.
Now… *sad face* I pause.

“An-tici-pation” (Dr. Frank N. Furt, Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975

 Anticipation of the negligent, impatient, selfish, non-thinking person who presses the gas in risk and defiance because they haven’t the patience to sit through that light again(!).

I had forgotten how selfish drivers while sitting in traffic can become.

“An-tici-pation” is my brain’s new mantra. It has whispered this often lately, in the voice of Dr. Frank N. Furt of course, on my commute to and from work. (The new commute is MUCH longer than it used to be, I’m still experimenting with variations.)

– When I sense a car is looking to move over into my lane by getting JUST enough ahead and NOT using their turn signal. 
I slow down to get away from the lawless bastard. Just before doing so I remind myself the armored jacket I’m wearing is not the same protection as being inside a car and I pull the brakes gently. Occasionally they surprise me by doing it right, but when they don’t… KNOW THIS ALL OF YOU THOUGHTLESS BASTARDS, I am scowling at you from inside my full face helmet as I lay on my horn (and see you glance into the rearview mirror probably wondering what that noise is).  It’s the only message I can send while restraining a “traffic vigilante” tendency. [footnote 1]

Waiting a moment instead of zooming off right when I see my light turn green. Because too often a car zooms through even though my light is now green. *sigh*
I not only pause, but in large intersections, pause until the car next to me moves forward so that I cross with them. Using them as a shield, or really, just something large and more visible than I am. This is much less fun, but I like me, so I do it.

When I sense or do these things, my brain whispers “an-tici-pation”, I smile because of the reference, but essentially it is my brain’s calm way of patting me on the back saying, “good job, good job”.

motorcyclists, scooterists, bicyclists are like Jedi Knights, clairvoyants, or… any responsible person who not only read their drivers manual so long ago, but remembers some of it!
Yay, responsible drivers of all kinds.

May the force be with you, 
Bonanza Jellybn


[1] Occasionally I have (when pulling up behind at a light a moment later) given them a quick “tut-tut”, then I ignore them. Just a quick shake of my finger and head is all that is needed, as if silently scolding a child. I don’t mind if they pretend to not have seen me shake my head at them, but I know they see me in the mirror, I can see their eyes when I do it. (Note: I also know I am a female on a scooter, which may be more likely to induce guilt than arrogant driver irritation.)

I hope that maybe, just MAY-BE, my harmless little reprimand might stick and keep them from automatically doing the same thing the next time they see a scooterist, motorcycle, or bicyclist on the road.

It’s all about the back-story…

During Amerivespa 2014 in New Orleans, TTRNO (the Transportation Revolution New Orleans) and some members of ScooterWest in San Diego customized a Silver 2007 250cc Vespa GTS, pulled out all the stops to soup it up and “twin” it to the 2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera special edition racing bike that was getting a lot of press and awe in the motorcycle world. Ducati is known for it’s neon red racing color, but they had it specially designed, it’s wheels and body frame are magnesium, hence the Super Lil’s magnesium colored wheels. Ducati is also known for it use of carbon fiber fenders, etc.

The result of the “twin” custom was this excellent Vespa. I loved it when I saw it during Amerivespa and I didn’t even know the story behind it! It’s the only neon colored bike I’d ever consider riding, and that’s only because of the paint job and carbon fiber touches. The black LED turn signal kit is wicked cool and I hadn’t even heard the pipe they put on it… Until the other day when a good friend of mine was looking at the bike. Of course we started and had to rev it a bit. Not just for him but kinda’ really because there are several of us who love that little bike. (any excuse to rev it!) I did take a little video so you can take a little listen for yourself (video and pictures below).

All of this back story because I was scoping out the bikes in the garage the other day and noticed the heated hand grips so I wished I could test ride it to work and back on a couple of these freezing temperature days we’ve been having and posted a couple pictures.

I’d like to own this bike but I don’t want (and have no need for) two scooters. But ohhhh, it would suit me, I mean… it being so unique.

Come see it if you want, we love revving the engine, and I figure it needs a good rev every now and again.

With respect and adoration,
Bonanza Jellybn

SuperLil Vespa currently available at Transportation Revolution in New Orleans.

SuperLil Vespa currently available at Transportation Revolution in New Orleans.

What would “I” say rather? More often than sometimes it is a different thing…

Well, yesterday sucked.

I don’t write for how long(?!) and this is what I start with? *sigh*
How disappointingly commonplace.

Ah well, here I am today, having ‘risen early, poured coffee, and thought while pouring that I should pursue the urge to journal and not putting it to the side, a-gain. Except that yesterday kind of sucked and today has hardly begun so what does one say?
What would “I” say rather? More often than sometimes it is a different thing and not the same as the lumped plurality of “one”. (…that’s kind of funny, “One” being plural.)
Well, except the first sentence, as noted “commonplace” and therefore, disappointingly slipping into a plurality of “one”.

*staring at screen with furrowed brow while this disappointing realization sinks in*

Deep down the urge to begin my day transcribing some thoughts into words is because there is so much going on, I am living at this second in the cusp of specific, evolving kinds of change(!). Yesterday was merely a difficult day. It happens. This cusp, a culmination of changes, I’ve been orchestrating for more than a year. I believe my trite first sentence was to release yesterday’s sucking into nothingness and start today clean-slated, eager. Because you see, I am actually in a pretty decent mood and all I really wanted to document when I sat down and opened a new page was to recognise (again, I do it in different ways constantly) that my life is (has been & still will be for some time) in flux and, without saying too much before the current fluctuations settle, that I hope/expect today to be more satisfying than yesterday.
Yes, I think that is all… and now I have done it.

Recently I purchased a pair sunglasses. I’ve hopes of needing this extra pair.


————-(an explanation, of a sort)————-

For me writing things down is like acceptance, clarification, loving strokes to my ego. I do it to release what’s in my head. Not just to let it go, or exercise thought, but writing it often lends the ability to view whatever it is, from different angles.
(acceptance=recognition, clarification=ability to see forward and stumble less, ego stroking=manipulating myself to keep moving)


Ode to my car…

I didn’t think it was very cold… until I stood the length of time it takes to fill a tank of gas. Wind chill affected my legs; simple denim. The rest of me covered in wool and leather (because though I live in New Orleans, LA, I do adore wool. Sweaters, scarves, caps, mmm).
Thankfully, standing there with my legs experiencing the chill, if it hadn’t been for the slight chance of rain forecast for the time of day I’d be returning home I would have been on the scooter. Buck up, I would have “bucked up” of course, and handled it as I’ve proper cold weather riding gear as well (who doesn’t love “gear” when they have a  hobby?!) (IF scootering is considered a hobby; it is and it isn’t.)

Halfway home pings of sleet began tapping my windshield to the point Continue reading

…stickler is, with whom and how? I seem to prefer an unknown audience.

Yesterday I spent large amounts of my day on the popular social networks, playing.
No, I wasn’t reading people’s posts or looking at photos. I researched, so to speak. I played with my profiles, updated a photo or two, and added a post when setting up a “share” between the two I still like and a third that’s popularly used. I disconnected facebook from the others as if separating a bad child to the corner.
Today I might remedy that. (It hasn’t actually done anything wrong.) I should update, family and a few friends like to check in from time to time (seeing as how I don’t call anyone, or go out, or do anything anymore). But I don’t think I will be reconnecting it to the other time sponges/sites, this being a sort of experiment. Besides, fb had become draining. (Oh, and boring in the doing of it. Don’t say you haven’t noticed.) Seems the introvert in me has placed fb onto the oft ignored shelf of supposedly necessary social responsibilities that aren’t actually, necessary. (…No, really, think about it.)

Though I haven’t been logging on to social networking sites anymore, partly on purpose, but mostly I just don’t have an interest in sharing. …I now believe that a misjudgment, because I haven’t stopped caring about my little blog. I barely post (true) but I miss it when I don’t. My mind often forms sentences from thoughts or reactions over whatever and then a little voice interjects, “Ooh you should write that down. Witty, and you never get to have conversations like this with real people”. *ends with ever-so-slightly prodding, but polite, smirk*
So I do actually enjoy sharing. Perhaps the stickler is, with whom and how? Continue reading

Mono has a new mental stimulation, television… Her new fave: “Party at the snow hole” (that was the actual title)… She did however come outside with me for a bit, looked around for birds or squirrels then went back in to see if they were still in the television. *sigh* 

It needed more and more throttle.

I’ve come to understand the Vespa LX motorscooter is notorious for having battery issues. I say this because in my quest to locate an answer to why my new scooter has gone through 3 batteries in a year I read mass amounts of complaint from other LX owners, collected over many years of forum posts… Discovering their problem, solving their problem, etc. Though I located my answer in the charger, I do kind-of believe some of the oft-noted problem does belong to the LX itself.
Having a way to plug a battery tender in should essentially eliminate the frustration. But I’ve not had this luxury. No electrical outlet is available. It’s street parking only around here. Also, not riding at high enough rpm for long enough stretches at a time, doesn’t allow the bike to recharge the battery itself. Soo, I have to remove the battery every once in a while and take it upstairs with me to plug it in.
So for scooterists out there who are have trouble starting their scoots sometimes, Continue reading

No one wants to remove their comforts and go sit in the woods.

No one wants to remove all of their comforts and go sit in the woods pretending it’s fun. – I want to go camp on a barrier island. – I want to go camping, somewhere. – I want to sit in the woods by a fire and sleep in a tent on the ground. I would like to do this in pretty surroundings but I am becoming desperate.  Continue reading